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— “Looks like we’ve had another lucky break,” went the announcement that someone had arranged for, this voice on the radio that yet again was full of static, overlaid by all sorts of electronic noise, drowning out the voice completely now…

Latané and Darley performed three experiments to test bystander behavior in non- emergency situations [6] Their results indicated that the way in which the subjects were asked for help mattered. In one condition, subjects asked a bystander for his or her name. More people gave an answer when the students gave their name first. In another condition, the students asked bystanders for a dime. When the student gave an explanation, such as saying that their wallet had been stolen, the percentage of people giving assistance was higher (72%) than when the student just asked for a dime (34%). Additional research by Faul, Mark, et al., using data collected by EMS officials when responding to an emergency, indicated that the response of bystanders was correlated with the health severity of the situation. [7]

Onlookers, The - You And IOnlookers, The - You And IOnlookers, The - You And IOnlookers, The - You And I