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Episode 220: Never Drink Wine
Willie demonstrates a common soap opera malady called EPCP, or Excessive Pre-Commercial Pausing. It’s important!

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Our artwork was created by Chris Hopewell of Jacknife Studios in Bristol. The aprons handmade by Bristol designer Mishi May. Most of the artwork on the walls were made by friends, such as Mishka Westell’s ‘Heartless Bastards’ prints. Our website was built by Salad Creative in Dorset, who also designed the drinks menus. The drinks within created by our Gaffer, Sam Kershaw. Our sound system was built by Naim in Wiltshire. The furniture was either sourced from antique dealers in Bath, or built by artisan carpenter, Luke Saxton and myself. All the timber was sourced from Oscar Windebank & Sons in Box, just outside Bath. This whole project has been an 81-day labour of love and I do hope you enjoy it here.

But in our hearts surely we understand enough about ecology to realise the flaw in that argument. For isn’t there a link between the forces endangering wildlife and our environment, and the forces threatening our diversity of cultures and languages? At the root of both is perhaps our rush towards economic growth and development, fast transforming and redefining our ‘needs’, social networks, landscapes, and livelihoods. Our coping mechanism to this unprecedented pace of change has been to take refuge in homogenity and conformity, to let our folk stories echo in their own silences. In a kitchen colonised with wheat and rice, in an evening now colonised with television’s blaring noises, what happens to the likes of Hirma Devi, holding on to not just the aan kathas but also her small cloth bags filled with madua and old spices?

The effort to understand dark matter defined much of astronomy for the next two decades. Astronomers may not know what dark matter is, but inferring its presence allowed them to pursue in a new way an eternal question: What is the fate of the universe?

Hello Don, your DMR shows are really awesome! Thanks also for the repeat of some past radio shows. I hope you'll put some more, they are much interesting to learn about some past affairs or major actors in the field at that time (the one with Keyhoe was such a good one!), especially for people like me who are fairly new to the field." -Brice

The Eldar are the most psychically gifted of all sentient beings in the galaxy and as the corruption gradually seduced them, the echoes of their ecstasy and agony began to ripple through time and space. In the parallel dimension of the Immaterium , the Warp , the reflections of these intense experiences began to coalesce, as the shifting tides of the chaotic Empyrean can take form around the raw emotions emitted by the sentient beings of the material universe and attract even more of such similar psychic energies to themselves. The constant stream of individual selfishness and indulgence pouring into the Warp from the Eldar empire nourished and empowered that which lay within -- a nascent God of pleasure and pain, content to wait and to grow.

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Dark Day - Hands In The DarkDark Day - Hands In The DarkDark Day - Hands In The DarkDark Day - Hands In The Dark